3 Unexpected Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

3 Unexpected Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

3 Unexpected Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

If you’re like me, coffee is made twice and heaps of grounds are thrown into the trash, but could those grounds be the answer to your most common beauty needs? Below are three natural beauty remedies that will give you as much life as your morning coffee.

Skin Exfoliant:

The coarse texture of coffee grounds works miracles for your skin! The simple process is mixing the used grounds with some coconut oil and rubbing it onto your skin. After you exfoliate simply wash it off and feel refreshed and smoothe. This concoction can also be applied to any trouble areas for cellulite. The caffeine is known to increase blood flow and decrease the appearance of cellulite. Apply for ten minutes a few times a week and see the results.

These same grounds mixed with honey can make for a perfect (and yummy) lip exfoliant!

Hair growth:

Want quick hair growth? Ditch the extensions and use your morning coffee grounds. Simply massage the used grounds into your hair and scalp then let it sit for a few minutes and wash it away in the shower. Make sure to use caffeinated coffee grounds because it is the caffeine that stimulates the growth.

Under Eye Cream:

Whether it’s staying up cramming for a deadline or staying out late with friends, under eye bags are guaranteed to greet you in the morning. Let your morning brew save you twice today. Take your used grounds and mix them with water or coconut oil to make an under eye paste. Apply under your eyes and leave for ten minutes before washing away. Again, the caffeine is the real life saver here. There are anti-inflammatory properties in the coffee that will work wonders for those inevitable bags.

Give these a try for even more coffee gratitude :) Let us know your favorite coffee concoction below!

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