5 Natural Hair Care Brands You Need To Try

5 Natural Hair Care Brands You Need To Try

5 Natural Hair Care Brands You Need To Try

What is actually in our beauty products? This is a question that is popping up more and more frequently as many of us are making great strides to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. Take a look the labels of your hair care products. Can you pronounce the ingredients? You most likely wont be able to, and that can be a little frightening. The thought then crosses your mind, “If I switch to a cleaner brand, it won’t give me the hair I want.” We are here to tell you that that statement is far from the truth. You don’t have to sacrifice the performance of your hair products in order to go green. So what are you waiting for? These five hair care brands will make you completely forget what a bad hair day is.


Prose experts will carefully design a custom hair care routine perfect for you by taking into account your hair needs and goals, lifestyle and environment. When taking the online consultation you have the option of choosing products that are vegan, gluten free and/or silicone free along with the choice of fragrances. All products are made to order in their NYC lab and shipped right to you. After they’ve chosen your custom formula they provide a break down of the natural active ingredients and how they will help you reach your hair goals.


Founder, Nancy Twine created Briogeo after struggling to find a natural hair care line that fulfilled their performance claims. After moving to NYC she began making her own products in her apartment with her grandmother’s sought-after beauty recipes. Briogeo strives to give everyone of all hair types their dream hair with high performance products filled with natural oils, vitamins and antioxidants.


Yarok provides natural and environmentally friendly hair care products that are designed to nourish the hair and scalp while promoting wellness from the inside out. The line incorporates essential oils to stimulate your senses, creating a calming and uplifting experience in every use. Have an extra 30 minutes? Visit their 100% vegan hair and scalp organic treatment bar to feed your scalp and mind.


Rahua was launched after founder Fabian Lliguin discovered the magic of Rahua oil during his visit to the Amazon rainforest.  He received a bottle from the local tribe and took it back to his salon to experiment. The transformation this product had on his client’s hair sparked the beginning of Rahua hair care.


Sachajuan is based on the idea of making beauty simple and easy again. The line contains only the ingredients needed to provide results and nothing more (or less.) Their product line is straight to the point, honest and easy to understand. Sachajuan focuses directly on your hair needs and how to reach your desired results.

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