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by Rachel Klein July 06, 2018

Desperate for a good book to help you relax and laze away the long weekends of summer? We've got your back! 

Kala team members have put together a list of our favorite beach reads for every #selfcaresunday this season!

Bad Feministby Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist is a collection of short essays by the wittingly brilliant and authentic Roxane Gay. Gay writes of her experience growing up as a woman of color while commentating on the state of feminism as it stands today. Her insightful pieces, each with a heart of their own, lead the reader towards introspection of their own lives.Bad Feministis a heartwarming, sharp, and spot-on read that is sure to make you think.

The Almost Moonby Alice Sebold

“When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily,” - that’s the opening line ofThe Almost Moon and guarantees you won’t be able to put this book down. The book follows the 24 hours following professional art-class model Helen Knightly murdering her ill mother. After the murder, Knightly begins to link her actions to her past sexual experiences and relationships.

The Shadow of the Windby Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The first book inThe Cemetery of Forgotten Books series, this suspenseful novel follows ten-year-old Daniel as he finds his life’s purpose in a rare and much sought after book. As Daniel begins to uncover the mystery that surrounds the novel and meets a strange man willing to give him an exorbitant amount of money for his discovery, he finds himself in a dangerous situation that could determine his future. This suspenseful page turner will keep you on the edge of your chair as Zafón weaves two delicately complex stories into one sweeping narrative.

Americanahby Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

As a book that deals with immigration and the prejudices faced by those who immigrate to the West, this one is a must-read. Ifemelu is a strong-willed Nigerian woman who goes to America for her education. In a foreign country full of strange customs and falsities, she struggles to understand what race means for the first time. Presumably forgotten is her first love, Obinze, who remains in Nigeria. Haunted by Ifemelu’s sudden cut in contact, he tries to move on with his life. That is, until he receives an unexpected email. Adichie’s storytelling abilities are unlike any other in this beautiful novel full of love and new discovery.Americanah will change your perspective on the West while simultaneously making you fall in love with the beautifully complex characters that Adichie creates.

Stars of Fortuneby Nora Roberts

If you love fantasy, this novel is for you. Full of legends and magic,Stars of Fortune begins with Sasha, a woman who can see the future. As she discovers that she is one of six guardians, those who are meant to find and protect fallen stars from evil goddess who threatens to destroy the world, she discovers herself. Relationships form and secrets are discovered in this immersive page turner that is the first of theGuardians trilogy.

Crazy Rich Asiansby Kevin Kwan

Rachel Chu decides to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick. Little does she know that he’s kept his upbringing a secret from her. When she arrives, she expects to find a small, quaint home, but finds a mansion instead. With a target on her back, Rachel must navigate through Nick’s family and the jealous women that want to date the country’s most eligible bachelor. A wonderfully satirical novel,Crazy Rich Asians will leave you wanting more.

Big Little Liesby Liane Moriarty

Adapted onto the small screen in a TV series starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley,Big Little Lies follows the stories of three housewives living in a seemingly perfect suburbia. The mysteries, drama, and secrets that control the lives of Madeline, Celeste, and Jane seem to intertwine in a way that none of them thought was possible. Featuring strong and complex female characters, this novel centers around one major theme: nothing is as it seems.

Rachel Klein
Rachel Klein

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