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by Janette Levin June 12, 2018

I'm sure many of us know the feeling after downing a full pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked in bed during a Netflix marathon. While it may have felt fulfilling in the moment, the pint is empty now, the credits are rolling, and all I'm thinking about is why food comas are a thing.


What if I told you that you could feel full and fulfilled with a great tasting treat and without having to eat the whole pint to feel that satisfaction?


This week I'm reviewing four popular brands of PROTEIN-rich ice cream and rating them on a scale of 1 - 5 based on ingredients, protein content, and overall yumminess. In order to make things equal and continuous in this taste test, I will be sampling each brand's version of a chocolate-peanut-butter combination. And let's be honest: who doesn't love that combo?


Plus, five lucky office members will be sampling these treats and helping to give their feedback!

Halo Top

First up is the well-documented and super popular Halo Top. Instagram bloggers swear by this stuff, so let’s see if it lives up to its hype.
We are tasting this brand in the flavor:Peanut Butter Cup


Protein content:5g

Calories per single serving (½ Cup): 80 Calories

Our Take:While this frozen treat has been seen all over instagram, we found that it did notquite measure up to its name texture-wise. It contains 6g of sugar alcohol, which is harder for the body to digest, in addition to 5g of sugar. That said, we may pass the lid on this pint.

“Protein content is not enough to forgive the watery taste”
“Nice texture”
“Could be creamier”
“Not chocolate-y enough”


Rating: 2.5 / 5


As a greek yogurt fanatic who basically eats it on the daily for an easy and protein filled breakfast, I was thrilled when I saw these guys in the freezer aisle.
We are tasting this brand in the flavor:Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip


Protein content:7g

Calories per single serving (½ Cup):150 Calories

Our Take:Boasting 7g of protein per serving, we were more keen on YASSO’s take on the chocolate-pb fave. Because it doesn’t have sugar alcohol, or any other sweetener substitute, the sugar content is definitely on the higher side. But we thought it was worth it.

“Very smooth”
“YAS to YASSO - this one was my favorite out of all three”
“The pb flakes were a fun way to flip the typical pb base withchocolate-chips flavor”


Rating:3.5 / 5

Ben and Jerry’s Moophoria

Ben and Jerry’s. Healthy? It almost seemed too good to be true, but then I saw the label boasting 140 calories per serving.
We are tasting this brand in the flavor:P.B. Dough

Protein content: 4g

Calories per single serving (½ Cup): 160 Calories

Our Take:We were a big fans of this lighter version of B&J’s, though we found that it has a lower protein content and the richness was a bit intense. At least for this flavor, proceed with caution if you aren’t a huge chocolatier.  

“Too strong of a chocolate flavor”
“Good chunks of pb”
Rating:4 / 5 

Our Final Rankings:

#3. Halo Top
And ...our winner at #1 is Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria(the classic takes the cake).

Let us know your favorite feel-good ice cream brands in the comments below!

Janette Levin
Janette Levin

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