Five Sustainable Brands That You Need to Know

Five Sustainable Brands That You Need to Know

Five Sustainable Brands That You Need to Know

We love our planet and as humans we all have some sort of impact on the environment that surrounds us. Whether that impact is positive and sustainable for the planet is up to the individual.

In a nutshell, sustainability is the practice of trying to harvest resources without causing damage to the environment. As industrialization and populations grow, so, too, does the need for individuals and groups to find eco-friendly ways of creating and sustaining.

If you want to learn more about how the fashion industry is affecting the environment and how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, check out our earlier blog post.

One way to do your part is by supporting businesses that produce ethical and eco-friendly products and organizations that are working to save our wildlife, wilderness, and more. Many people might think that practicing environmentalism is way out of their reach, but we all make an impact everyday and you can make it positive by supporting sustainability.

At Kala, sustainability is a core pillar of who we are and we love to celebrate brands that believe the same. Below are five of our favorite companies and organizations working to sustain the world!

Patagonia often represents the gold standard for sustainable businesses: high-quality products that encourage you to get outside and a company pledge to donate 1% of sales to grassroots environmental groups. Patagonia sources materials produced as sustainably as possible and ensures safe and fair working conditions for their employees and contractors. One of their largest initiatives is the Worn Wear Project, where people send in their old Patagonia items and the company repairs, recycles, or repurposes them.


Method is a line of natural, biodegradable household and personal care products. Not only are their formulas eco-friendly, but they also strive to create the greenest packaging possible. Their mission is to make sustainable, everyday products that people love.  


LUSH is an all-natural bath and body company with products ranging from shampoos to their famous bath bombs. With eco-friendly products like their packaging-free solid shampoo, LUSH seeks to reduce waste and unnecessary plastics. LUSH is a leader in the sustainability movement and they want to inspire others. If you bring in empty LUSH product packages for their stores to recycle, you get a free fresh face mask in return!

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund was created in 1961 to ‘conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.’ They currently work in 100 countries conserving forests, fresh water, oceans, wildlife, food, and climates for both humans and animals. One of their main missions is to educate the public on the impact we have and what we can do everyday to help our environment. Learn about how you can take action on their website.

 Environmental Defense Fund

While WWF focuses on both humans and animals, the environmental defense fund is geared more toward the issues that most affect people. Their core initiatives range from combating climate change and pollution to increasing sustainable food production and ocean conservation. They use their platform to lobby for better government policies and partner with companies to help look for solutions to environmental and climate-related problems. Join the case on their site.

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