Powerhouse Tattoo Artist Mira Keras on Her Work and Activism

Powerhouse Tattoo Artist Mira Keras on Her Work and Activism

Powerhouse Tattoo Artist Mira Keras on Her Work and Activism

The popularity of tattoos has been blowing up the past decade, with everything from tiny, minimalist designs to intricate pieces that take up a whole limb represented and loved. And a whole new generation of women artists are breaking the mold with their skills and unique work. One such woman is Mira Mariah (aka  @GirlKnewYork on Instagram), a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, femme powerhouse, and mom who is killing the game. We got the chance to chat with Mira about her work, non-profits and causes she supports, and her guilty pleasures.



Do your tattoos carry any special meanings or symbols behind them? If so, what are they?

A lot on my tattoos are based on “PARADISE LOST”. So florals, women, animals, and insects. I also more or less just think of them as decoration, so some are purely ornamental.

Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

I love classic art, the Greek obsession with the body is fascinating to me. And the revival of that in Italian renaissance artwork is a huge source of inspiration to me. That, and every girl I’ve ever met, obviously ;)

What is the best way you’ve found to empower other women?

Show up to their successes, show up to they’re losses, show up as much as you can.


What have you found to be the biggest challenge in your career and how have you dealt with that?

Balance! I want to do everything and be a good mom, I hate saying no and letting people down, so sometimes I overwhelm myself! I’m learning and practicing though. Patience is key.

Which organizations or non-profits are you passionate about and why?

Wow, so many. Planned Parenthood, of course. Right now we are preparing a tattoo fundraiser for RAICES.

What is your favorite tattoo that you’ve done? Is there anything or anyone on your tattoo bucket list?

I was really happy with the Klimt piece I just did. As for tattoo bucket list, I want to do a full back piece so badly.

What is/are your guilty pleasures?

I like to lay on the couch with a dozen snacks and my daughter and watch movies all day. It’s the best.

Mira works from Fleur Noire Tattoo Studio. She recently tattooed Ariana Grande (peep the perfect bumblebee by Mira here). She’s not currently taking bookings, but keep an eye out on her Insta and jump on the chance to get tattooed by her (we know we will)!

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