#KeepFamiliesTogether: Be Informed. Share. Act.

#KeepFamiliesTogether: Be Informed. Share. Act.

#KeepFamiliesTogether: Be Informed. Share. Act.

The recent events surrounding immigration policies and family separation at the American border have put a huge focus and responsibility on American citizens. It’s clear that this current administration is violating human rights in these scenarios.
“Tender age shelters” is now a synonym for the cages that immigrant children, some as young as toddlers and infants, are being forced into and detained for an indefinite amount of time. Read more here

There have been videos surfacing of distressed, petrified children crying out for their parents.

Articles depicting police ripping babies away from their nursing mothers, officers scolding 5 year olds and being instructed to “prevent siblings from hugging each other”, and even news anchors that are unable to deliver the news due to their extreme emotions about a situation they are removed from.

Inhumane is an understatement.  

It’s time for Americans to take action and stand up for our fellow human beings. Action does not have to mean donating an money to a non-profit.


It can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling your senator (we’ve done this, it takes 5-7 minutes at most) - See Instructions Below To Call Your Senator : 


RAICES: Refugees and Immigration Center for Education and legal Services

ASAP: Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project 

The Florence Project: providing free social and legal services to detained immigrants

ActBlue: Working together with 10 distinct non-profits to support families at the border


Even sharing an article on Facebook or Instagram, helping inform people and making your individual circle aware will make a different. Spread the word by simply copying and pasting any of these articles into your feed. We’ve done the hard work for you; check out the suggested articles below:

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Share any thoughts, frustrations, or ways you know to help below!

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