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by Ryan Eccleston-Murdock August 02, 2018

T-Shirt Bra

The t-shirt bra should be the obvious staple in every woman’s closet. They’re designed for ease, comfort, and versatility, while giving you gentle support. This bra basic usually comes in a variety of colors, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding one that’s perfect for you!

Need the perfect underwire-free option? Look no further than  the Sheer, which provides much needed support and coverage for everyday.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are perfect for those shoulder-baring dresses and exposed-back tops. With a wired underband, they give you just the right amount of support without telling the world that you’re getting a little help. Sizing is even more important with strapless bras: if it’s too tight you’ll be uncomfortable all day and if it’s too loose it’ll slip right off.


This bra practically exudes comfort with its no-wire, no-padding, and little-to no-structure design. The best part? They are incredibly versatile and stylish. Since bralettes have such intricate detailing, you can show off its straps to add a little pop to your outfit. You can even wear a bralette in place of a crop top for a extra wow factor in your next summer festival look.

The Classic is ideal for those lax days where it’s just you, a good book, and your PJs.

Sports Bra

Gearing up for a grueling workout? Then you’ll definitely need a sports bra. These bras give you extra support and control throughout any activity. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can fine tune what kind of sports bra you need. Low impact sports bras are great for yoga, hiking, or walking. High impact sports bras will hold down the fort during your runs and dance classes.

Demi Bra

By covering ½ to ¾ of your bust, demi bras let you show a little skin in a way that’s gentle yet classy without making you feel like you’re spilling out of your bra. They’re similar to the t-shirt bra in that they can become your day-to-day staple while remaining invisible underneath your tops.

Ryan Eccleston-Murdock
Ryan Eccleston-Murdock

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