The Kala Team: Meet Taylor!

The Kala Team: Meet Taylor!

The Kala Team: Meet Taylor!

Taylor is our lovely and talented designer here at Kala. She matches her talent with true commitment to making women feel confident and comfortable in our products. Whether is picking out the perfect eco-friendly fabric, or making sure our bras fit just right, Taylor is there every step of the way.

For those who don’t know, you are the main designer at Kala. When did you first get interested in fashion design?

I knew I was always somewhat destined to be in a creative field from a super young age. I was always building and creating things, drawing, sewing and writing. I feel really lucky to have had that passion at such an early stage, it helped guide my decisions about my future. Having a very artistic mom and older sister also helped pave the way. I actually studied interior design for a little while before deciding I should get my BFA in Fashion Design instead. I think all areas of design are so closely intertwined, but in my eyes fashion is the ultimate form of self expression.

What college did you go to/ what was your major?

I went to Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I got my BFA in Fashion Design.

What is your favorite part of living in New York?

That’s a tough one! I think it’s a tie between the people and the food.

You are a known plant mom, how many plants do you have in your apartment? 

I actually picked up a couple more this past weekend, so I am pretty sure I am in the low 30’s right now. I grew up spending almost all of my time outside, so I often find myself feeling a little disconnected while living in the city. Having my apartment filled with plants keeps me grounded.

What are your top sustainability tips for those trying to be more environmentally conscious?

My main tip would be working to be more aware of yourself. Try and be more aware of what you’re using, how much you use, and the impact that has. There are a lot of simple and easy life changes we can all make that can have a strong affect- things like composting, buying more package free items, eating less meat, and taking that extra 15 seconds out of your day to rinse out your take out container so it can be recycled, instead of just tossing it. Also, try and educate yourself when you can. I found that a lot of people in my life were completely unaware of more environmentally friendly decisions they can be making in regards to their lifestyle.

Where do you gain inspiration for your designs?

I know it’s such a cliché!- but really from everywhere. I think lately though, especially in this political climate, a lot of my inspiration has been drawn from women. I am normally a very conceptual designer, but lately I find myself taking a deep dive into deciphering what we truly want as women in our apparel, and how to express that while pushing for a future that understands and respects that expression.

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