About Us

Saving the world one bra at a time.

Our Story

After years of searching for the perfect bra, Kala founder Rebecca Migirov asked herself why she, like so many bra-wearers, felt ignored by traditional brands.

Kala is the solution we have been waiting for: earth-friendly intimates that support and highlight the beauty of every body under the sun. We believe that comfort should never be sacrificed and everyone deserves beautiful clothes built to last.


Kala is committed to doing right by Mother Earth and paving the road to sustainability in fashion. We do that by ethically creating eco-friendly pieces and reducing waste with products built to last.

We work exclusively with women-owned factories in New York to produce all Kala pieces. We regularly visit our partners to ensure safe working conditions and fair wage and labor practices.

Kala fabrics, from organic cotton to Tencel™, are sourced from certified eco-friendly suppliers, mills, and farmers. All of our materials are sourced from mills that are ISO-9002 or bluesign certified.  Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified for using low-impact dyes and our organic cottons are GOTS certified. Our mill's main dye house has converted from coal to natural gas power, set up water filtration systems, and invested in boiler systems to recapture the condensation from the heating and drying processes to be reused.

All of our packaging and shipping materials are plastic-free and either reusable or made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Kala has also implemented recycling and take back programs, such as our Annual Bra Drive.

As we discover new approaches, we’ll continue moving towards our goal of complete sustainability, a closed loop supply chain, and a carbon neutral footprint.


We believe that great clothes should be made for everyone–because why wouldn’t they be?

From truly nude intimates to inclusive sizing, Kala is committed to empowering all women with comfort and confidence.


Versatility means we move with you. Kala embodies a seamless transition from your chillest moments to your daily grind, going from lazy Saturday mornings in bed to Monday meetings to drinks and date nights.

We’re here for you through it all: we’re #wearyouare.