Bra Drive

Give a Bra, Get a Bra

Kala has partnered with Wearable Collections to bring you our first annual Earth Month Bra Drive.

85% of all textiles end up in landfills. Have one less.

Donate your old bra and get 22% off your new one.*

*In-store only.

Wondering what'll happen to your old bra?

"Fifty perfect of collections will be reusable and will re-enter emerging markets around the world as secondhand goods. This maintains the value of the natural resources that went into creating the original item. The remaining 50% is repurposed into rags for the automotive industry or shredded into insulation, carpet padding, and mattress stuffing."

- Wearable Collections

Visit Us To Donate Your Bra

Stop by our pop up at Showfields in NYC to drop of your donation and pick up your new bra!

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