For Mothers, By Mothers

When Kala founder Rebecca Migirov found out she was pregnant with her first child, she found her desire for chic maternity basics unmet.

We set out to create a maternity wardrobe that would last beyond the nine months of pregnancy and easily slide into the every day wardrobe of the modern mom.

Maternity Basics for Real Life

Introducing our Maternity Collection, a line of artfully crafted basics specifically built around those special months before and after your little one has arrived.

Our Maternity pieces are made to flatter you, during pregnancy and beyond. Forget unflattering shapes and prints and welcome in an era of chic, understated maternity styles made for busy moms.

From our anti-bacterial Nursing Bra to our breathable Maternity Undie, each piece is made with care, keeping comfort and style in mind.

Versatility When You Need It Most

Pregnancy changes things and your undergarments should be versatile enough to move with you.

From our Postpartum Undie, which supports you after-baby to our Jumpsuit, equipped with a built-in nursing bra, our Maternity Collection was made with adaptability in mind.

Anti-Bacterial and Eco-Friendly

Our Maternity Collection features a new, eco-friendly fabric treatment that keeps your pieces free of harmful bacterias and safer for you and baby.

Our Postpartum Undie and Nursing Bra feature ChitoSante, a new environmentally friendly treatment made from a natural biomass called Chitosan. It's absorbent, breathable, fast drying, soft, and durable. Add to that it's natural anti-bacterial properties, which inhibit bacterial growth to keep your pieces odor-resistant and hygienic, it's clear why it was made for maternity.

Sustainability is a given at Kala and all of our maternity pieces are made with organic cotton and lyocell, meaning they're super soft and biodegradable.

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